Object Title

Pikeman's backplate

Pikeman's backplate



Object Number



Tower arsenal. Bowyer Tower AS 67. It was found associated with III.4180, III.4181, III.4182.

Physical Description

It is shaped to the shoulders, with a narrow neck opening, shallow arm opening and a flange at the waist. The main edges have plain inward turns accompanied by a single incised line except at the flange where there is a sunken border. At each shoulder is riveted a leather shoulder-strap faced with six rectangular scales each attached by a pair of round-headed horizontally aligned brass rivets. A terminal plate is attached by a similar pair of rivets to the strap end which is embossed for its passage. The plate is pierced with three vertically aligned holes to engage a stud on the breastplate. At either side of the waist is a modern strap attached by a pair of horizontally aligned rivetss. Patinted


Weight: 1.85 kg ( 4 lb 1 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the neck with a large CL over which is stamped a legible crowned IR. Inside is a construction mark of 7 dots.


Places England


Associated with III.4180, III.4181 and III.4182.