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Old Tower Collection. Found Bowyer Tower AS67.

Physical Description

Of short waisted form with a low neck, narrow shoulders, deep arm-openings, a medial ridge and a deep flange at the waist, at the centre of which is a cut-out. The edges of the neck and arm openings have a plain outward turn. Traces of incised lines run down the centre. At either side of the chest is a mushroom-headed stud for the shoulder-straps. High at either side of the flange is a mushroom-headed stud for the attachment of a tasset. This may be of duplex construction, but all the subsidiary edges are plain (with signs of lamination), so it may have been made of a single plate with is now laminated. Painted black overall, and further painted russet. Mean microhardness outer 240 Hv, inner 266 Hv.


Dimensions: height 390 mm, width 340 mm Weight: 3932 g (9 lb .25 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places Netherlands