Object Title

Mail chausse (pyjama zereh)

Mail chausse (pyjama zereh)



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Found, New Armouries Attic, 19 March 1992. From Lanthorn Tower, Room 5.

Physical Description

The defence is shaped to the leg, narrowing considerably to the ankle. There is a cutaway at the crotch, and the inside leg is fitted with a long, triangular gusset. Around the top is the very tattered remains of a waistband, in brown fabric. The mail is formed of alternate rows of small riveted and large welded links. The riveted links are formed of flattened wire, with flat, swelling overlaps and clear rivet heads. The welded links are of squarish, D-shapes section wire, and of erratic shape.

The mail is corroded, but largely complete.


Dimensions: height 85.5 cm (33.8 in), width 39.5 cm (15.5 in) Weight: 2.36 kg (5 lb 3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. A label, inscribed '14', is attached.



Pair to XXVIA.215. valued with