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Sword stick

Sword stick



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Presented by the Metropolitan Police, on or before 11 October 1996 (date of registration), having been confiscated at Heathrow Airport.

Physical Description

Of the type of wares made for sales to the tourist market ('airport art'). In the form of a walking stick. The stick is of circular section with a straight end: there is no ferrule. The handle is of rectangular section, turning initially at a right-angle and then continuing in a slight angled curve, and broadly resembles a pistol grip. The stick separates at the junction of the stick proper and the handle and is mounted with a short, double-edged blade of flattened diamond section and crudely ground.

Both stick and grip are stained dark brown and have designs incised so as to expose the cream-coloured wood. The stick has two broad bands of vesica-shapes with saltire lines projecting and, at the base, a broad band with of rows of tear drops alternating with transverse lines: these three broad bands alternate with narrower bands decorated with closely set transverse lines. There are two annular lines near the top. The top, sides and end of the handle are all decorated with a single incised line running round their borders.


Dimensions: Handle with blade ('sword'): Overall length (diagonally, from blade tip to furthest extremity of handle): 360 mm (14 3/16 in), Blade length (exposed): 262 mm (10 1/16 in), Blade width: 13.5 mm (9/16 in), Main part of stick ('sacabbard'): Length: 768 mm (30 1/4 in), Diameter: approx. 25 mm (1 in) Weight: Handle with blade ('sword'): 105 g (4 oz), Main part of stick ('scabbard'): 215 g (8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Africa


This object could not be found 19/03/99. See file note for locations checked. According to information from the Tower (Bridget Clifford & David Beck) it was sent from the Tower to Leeds on 27/04/98 (PJL). OBJECT FOUND 13/09/99 in Store 2, Zone F 202.