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Right tasset

Right tasset



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Purchased from Andrew Lumley Esq. on 9 January 1992, together with III. 4216 and III. 4218.

Physical Description

It is formed of ten upward-overlapping lames which extend from the groin to just above the knee. The lames become progressively more curved from the first to the last. The last lame, which is considerably deeper than the rest, is decorated with a boldly roped transverse band a short distance above its convex lower edge which has a partial inward turn. The upper edge of the first lame has a similar partial turn. The inner end of the first lame, which has lost its upper corner, is embossed with a slight step. The lames are connected to one another at either end by a column of round-headed rivets with octagonal, internal washers. They were formerly connected to one another at the centre as well by an internal leather, now missing, secured by a column of externally flush rivets that still survive. The inner rivet connecting the third and fourth lames to one another lacks its internal washer. The inner and outer rivets connecting the first and second lames to one another are later, flat-headed replacements which also lack their internal washers. Each of them now retains a single-ended iron buckle which would have connected the tasset to its fauld. Each buckle has a rectangular loop and a rounded hasp decorated around its edge with short, close-set, perpendicular lines. The inner buckle is oflate 16th century make. The outer buckle is a relatively modern one made to match it. An externally flush at the outer edge of the last lame retains a small fragment of a leather strap that would have passed around the back of the leg to engage a single-ended iron buckle secured by an externally flush rivet to the inner end of the same lame. The buckle, which has a D-shaped loop and a rectangular hasp, is modern. An externally flush rivet at the outer end of the eighth lame retains a fragment of leather of uncertain function. The lower edge of the last lame was originally fitted with four externally flush lining-rivets, of which only the inner two now survive.
The tasset is heavily patinated.


Dimensions: Height: 41.5 cm (16.25 in), Width: 19.0 cm (7.5 in), Depth: 9.0 cm (3.5 in) Weight: 1.0 kg (2 lb 3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The outer end of each lame is marked internally with three chiselled lines (perhaps only two in the case of the first lame) to aid the armourer in his assembly work.


Places Italy