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Breastplate and fauld

Breastplate and fauld



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Purchase from Andrew Lumley Esq. on 9 January 1992, together with Inv. Nos III. 4217-8.

Physical Description

The breastplate is of BombÙ form with a low, medial ridge. It has a straight upper edge, moveable gussets at each arm-opening, and a narrow flange at the waist. The upper edge of the main plate and the outer edges of the gussets have boldly roped, flange-like inward turns. Each gusset is attached to the breastplate by means of a pair of modern, round headed rivets with octagonal internal washers. The upper rivet in each case passes through a circular hole in the main plate and a diagonal, rectangular slot in the gusset, while the lower rivet passes through a circular hole in both elements. The upper end of the right gusset is pierced with three vertically aligned, circular holes, and the upper end of the left with two such holes. The lowest hole in each instance is occupied by an externally flush rivet. Either this rivet, or more probably that which formerly occupied the hole above it, would originally have retained a shoulder-strap. Each end of the waist-flange is pierced with a rivet-hole for the attachment of the fauld which now consists only of two upward-overlapping lames, but would at one time have been comprised of at least three lames. The rivets which formerly the fauld to the waist-flange have been replaced by modern screws. The fauld lames were originally connected to one another at their outer ends by means of a column of round-headed rivets with octagonal washers, and mid-way along each of their sides by means of internal leathers secured by a column of externally flush rivets. Only small fragments of the internal leathers survive beneath the heads of their retaining rivets. The rivets and washers which now connect the outer ends of the first and second lames to one another are modern replacements. The holes for the corresponding rivets and washers in the lower edge of the second lame are now broken out and vacant. The left end of the second fauld lame is missing.
The breastplate and fauld are decorated with three raised bands which narrow slightly down to the waist. The lateral bans curve upwards and outwards to the arm-openings. The medial band terminates just below the neck where it divides to form an ogee-shaped border to the upper edge of the breastplate. The raised bands and the gussets would probably have been polished bright to contrast with the remainder of the surface which would probably have been blackened. All surfaces are now heavily patinated.


Dimensions: height: 43.0 cm (17.0 in), Width: 35.0 cm (13.8 in), Depth: 19.5 cm (7.8 in) Weight: 2.47 kg ( 5 lb 7 oz)

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