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Helmet (top)

Helmet (top)



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Formerly in the Tower Collection lent to the British Museum in 1914 and returned to the Tower 1954

Physical Description

Of unusually large size with deep hemispherical bowl with a medial ridge running from front to back. At the apex is a fluted and gold damascended quadrangular spike surmounting a moulded and facetted shank and screwed into the bowl through a domed boss. To the front in the brow region are riveted a sliding nasal and pair of lateral plume tubes all damascened with gold, the nasal holder being hinged to allow its removal. The lower border is damascened with a band of scroll foliage and flowers, the petals being a paler shade of gold. The fine curtain of butted mail is worked with a trellis pattern in brass rings with a central diamond in each lozenge. It is made in two parts joined at the back, each half having a point at each end separated by a straight section giving four points in all. The quilted lining of crimson velvet is sewn up from eight triangular gores and is bordered by a narrow band of green velvet. It retains its original braid chin ties woven from red and yellow warps to give a striped effect, a narrow border each side in blue and white.


Dimensions: The skull measures 235 mm from front to back, 231 mm from side to side and is 140 mm deep. Weight: the weight of thje helmet is 2.1 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks