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Helmet (kolah khud)

Helmet (kolah khud)



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Acquired before 1859. From the armoury of Hagia Irene, Istanbul. Purchased via Robert Curzon, c.1842. Lent to the British Museum in 1914, returned 1954.

Physical Description

The bowl is made in two parts, the lower part almost cylindrical them tapering sharply after a shoulder. To this is brazed a long spike having a small raised rib near the top, the two parts blending together. Around the edge are small holes for a lining, one of which has the remains of a rivet and a lining strap. Above this row are several holes and punched marks that may have been for the aventail. Identified with a trace of concentric corrosion, January 2005.


Dimensions: The diameter is 214 mm, the depth inside is 262 mm and outside 532 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.25 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The helmet is engraved with the St. Irene Arsenal mark. Near the rim is a mark in the form of a four petalled flower, and two unidentifiable marks struck side by side.


Places Persia

Bibliographic References

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Of the same type as XXVIA.116.