Object Title

Fabric coat (jibbah)

Fabric coat (jibbah)



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Transferred from Hampshire County Museum Service, 9 March 1988; provenance unknown, but possibly from the battle of Omdurman, 2 September 1898

Physical Description

In the form of a cotton shirt with flaring skirts and elbow-length sleeves, it has a circular opening at the neck. The shirt is made of, and lined with, numerous small pieces of beige natural cotton. The main edges are bound with tan cotton binding with a strip of yellow braid. The Jibbah is decorated symmetrically with rectangular panels of pale blue cotton: one on the outside of either arm, two down the front and rear, and one at either side. At either side is a pocket opening ,decorated with a stylised crocodile of dark blue cotton bordered with red and beige with yellow braid on the outside, and blue and white gingham inside. Above the panel is a small area of dark blue cotton bordered with red.


Dimensions: height 88cm, skirt width 77.5cm, chest 84cm, maximum width 182cm Weight: 2 1b. 1oz (0.94kg)

Inscriptions and Marks

Attached is a label inscribed 'Dervish Jibbah from Omdurman (Russell)'.