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Matchlock revolver gun

Matchlock revolver gun



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Purchased from Andrew Lumley, 8 Aug 2002. formerly Dep. No. B 0242

Physical Description

The stock of this gun is of a dark rather coarse and wavy grained wood covered with a heavy coating of varnish. Essentially of flattened octagon in section, the upper edge of the stock is curved downwards behind the cylinder and then sweeps upwards at the butt, the top point of the butt being higher than the breech. The butt itself is rounded and the lower edge is straight, sloping upwards to meet the cylinder. Around the upper and lower edges, and the butt, is a continuous applied band of brass chiselled with a diaper pattern of interlacing ovals and four petalled flowers. A band having the same pattern encircles the stock at an angle, towards the butt. A further band, this time decorated with more conventional flowers and leaves is positioned nearer to the clyinder whilst a third band, this time decorated with scrolling foliage, covers the join between the stock and the cylinder assembly. The stock is further enhanced with small square inlays of bone, applied brass flowers and domed studs with flower decorated heads. The serpentine is of iron and is operated by a forked trigger in the usual Indian manner.
The cylinder is of iron, built up from round tubes joined with wide flat ribs between then. Each tube is provided by a square pan, set on the diagonal, and fitted with a small pivoting cover. At the muzzle end the cylinder is fitted with a thich circular flange, notched for the locking spring.
The barrel proper is of multifacets becoming round before a moulding and a flared muzzle. Surrounding the lower part is a hollow conical fairing that fits against the front face of the cylinder and is fitted with inset tubes connecting to the bores of the cylinder. The fairing between these inset tubes has four square thickenings. Attached to the top of the barrel is a simple feaf spring that aligns the cylinder and below it rings holding a captive dummy ramrod.


Dimensions: overall length 1251 mm, barrel length 620 mm, cylinder length 212 mm Weight: 5950 g


15 mm

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Places India


Guns from the Indore region have similar stocks but normally with a flat butt. Guns from Coorg have rounded butts. This gun seems to be intermidiate.