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Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Snider Mk. III

Centrefire breech-loading rifle - Snider Mk. III



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Old Tower Collections. First registered in Bowyer TowerStore, Rack , 1992

Physical Description

General Type Description: Standard Snider patent action with trapdoor breech block hinged to the right. The action is operated by pressing upward and to the right on a knurled thumb-piece which is found on the left of the breech block. The cock has the superficial appearance of a percussion hammer but in fact works against a striker which operates a centrefire pin housed in a hole which runs through the breech block.
Converted from Enfield P.53 muzzle-loading rifle-musket.
A spring loaded locking bolt is found on the left of the breech mechanism.
A nipple protector is attached by a chain to the triggerguard.
With brass furniture.
With case-hardened iron furniture.
Stocked in one piece with three
barrel bands. Fitted with a sling swivel on the upper barrelband. The lower sling swivel is fitted to the trigger guard.
A full length iron cleaning rod is found beneath thebeneath the barrel.
Ramrod with squared jag.
Ramrod with circular section head.
The foresight is of the unprotected barleycorn type.
The base of the foresight is square and acts as lug forattaching the socket bayonet.
The rearsight is of the tangent leaf type graduated to 450yards on the bed and to 950 yards on the leaf.
Barrel stamped STEEL


Dimensions: Overall length: 54.331 in (1380 mm)


Serial Number None visible


.577 in


Places Britain


I.D. Skennerton, 'A Treatise on the Snider', 1987