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I.259 1-6


Old Armouries Library stock.

Physical Description

Two double and four half sheets of engraved drill postures, some copied from early 17th century drill manuals, others from early 18th century similar, all published by Alex. Hogg:
a, b: Plate I, II. 'The Old English Pike Exercise'. 'Engraved for Spencer's New History of England'. Copied from early 17th century manual; Plate II cut in half and incomplete.
c: 'Standing & Marching Salute Exercise of the Old English Pikemen' Double sheet; early 18th century costume.
d, e: 'Antient English Musket & Halbert Exercise' 'Plate 3'. a double sheet, cut in two, depicting the end of the early 17th century musket exercise, a drummer and fifer of the period; and the beginning of the 18th century halbert exercise. 'Noble sculpt.'
f: 'The Old English Halbert Exercise' 'Plate 4'. 1 half sheet, apparently complete.


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