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Grip for sword

Grip for sword



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Physical Description

Decorated with studs, some missing. Steel, originally bright, but now tarnished and rust-pitted in parts. It is cast (?) hollow and pierced with longitudinal slots. The central portion, delineated by a horizontal bar at each end, has eight slots and eight longitudinal bars or ribs arranged symmetrically; four of these are in the form of elongated elipses cut with slightly concave facets in a diagonal pattern. The four remaining ribs are very finely knurled, matching the horizontal bars in decoration. The spaces in this portion of the grip are filled with eigth facetted steel beads, graded in descending order of size from the ends to the centre, strung on wire. The outer portions of the grip have four longitudinal ribs in the shape of an elongated leaf shape and again the spaces between these ribs would have carried facetted steel beads strung on wire, only one bead now remaining.


Dimensions: length: 89.12 mm (3.5 in) Weight: 30 g (1.2 oz)


Places Britain ?


Compare with IX.1507 and IX.803; see also IX.5148 and IX.5150 (detached grips).
Compare also with items in Boulton and Watt pattern book (esp. pattern 2276)