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Purchased from Sotheby's, 15 November, 1961, lot 4. Catalogued as 'English School, Portrait of Edward Osborne... Hornby Castle Catalogue No. 89. Property of the Duke of Leeds, from Hornby Castle.'

Physical Description

Oil on panel.
Half length, leaning on one elbow over a balustrade, the other hand resting on a helmet which stands on the balustrade, wearing a black but burnished field armour with gilt bands and borders.


Dimensions: Height: 902 mm (35.5 in); width: 686mm (27 in)

Bibliographic References

Charles Beard 'An iconographic problem', Connoisseur, June 1931, 358-65.

G Rimer, T Richardson and J P D Cooper, Henry VIII: arms and the man, Leeds, 2009,


The identification of the sitter as Sir Edward Osbourne (c 1530-1591) was shown by Charles Beard ('an iconographic problem', Connoisseur June 1931, 358-65) to be impossible given the date of the armour shown and he suggested the now accepted identification, after comparison with another version of the same portrait in the possession of the Stopford-Sackvilles of Drayton, Northamptonshire, Lord Mordaunt (1490-1562) being a common ancestor and a man high enough in Henry VIII's favour to have been granted the right to order an armour from the Greenwich workshops. The break in the line of gilding at the top of the visor in this version which does not occur in the Drayton version, has led to the suggestion that this is a copy of the Drayton version, rather than the other way round, but it seems to be an early copy, probably late 16th century. The armour shown, and especially the helmet, is similar to two armours made for Henry c1540, Armouries No. II-8 and the armours at Windsor.