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Purchased Christies, 23 May 1958, lot 38, by Mr. R. L. Joseph and presented to the Armouries. Catalogued as 'Lely', 'Sold by Order of the Trustees of the Earl of Wharncliffe settled Estates.'

Physical Description

Half-length in armour, facing half right, holding a baton in right hand and leaning left hand on a helmet resting on a table. Elaborate frame decorated with scallop shells.


Dimensions: Height: 9020 mm (35.5 in); width: 7750 mm ( 30.5 in)



Inventory records state the provenance of the painting to be 'By descent to the Barons and Earls of Wharncliffe, from the Stuart-Wortley and Wortley-Montague families. A note by J.G.Mann in the Armouries copy of the Christies sale catalogue states: 'This is actually Sir Francis Wortley, prisoner in the Tower'.

The only other suggested attribution: Cornelius Neve (fl. 1637-64). The portrait was engraved by A. Hertochs, some time after 1652 and was re-engraved and re-published in 1800.
Sir Francis Wortley was a royalist, captured at the taking of Walton House in 1644 and imprisoned for about 5 years in the Tower (a true relation of the Unparalled Oppression imposed on the Gentlemen Pisoners in the Tower, 1647)