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Presumed Tower arsenal. Found un-numbered in Brick Tower, Bay 36, 27 July 1989; probably previously numbered VII.2068 when found un-numbered in or about September 1989.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Leaf-shaped blade of flattened lozenge section; short conical neck with screw extension which passes through the crosspiece and into the baluster moulding of the socket; crosspiece composed of two quillons of equal size and circular section with domed terminals; socket with two reinforcing rings and equal langets with three rivets each. Varnished wooden haft of circular section. Conical iron shoe with two equal langets with one rivet each. Plain wooden haft whioch terminates in a plain steel shoe.


Dimensions: Overall length: 2750 mm (108 1/4 in), length of head: 324 mm (12 3/4 in), length of crosspiece: 133 mm (5 1/4 in), length of shoe: TO DO.

Inscriptions and Marks

According to a note of mine the blade is marked Woolley - CHECK (PJL, 10/01/03).


Places Britain


This is probably the same weapon as was earlier numbered VII.2068 (see that entry, under Notes, for further details).