Object Title

Rowel spur

Rowel spur



Object Number

VI.450 B


Exchanged for a piece of mail with Norwich Castle Museum, 22 October 1963, with III.2747. Found prior to 1847 embedded in a rolled-up mail shirt (III.2747) in the chalk strata of the river Seine, France, during the exchange for the Paris-Rouen Railway. Other Pieces found with them included an iron bridle bit, some keys and a tooth, possibly of a horse. Formerly in the collection of successive Lords Hastings at the Hall, Melton Constable, Norfolk, and known as 'the Hastings mail and spurs'. Exhibited in 1847 at the Archaeological Institute's Norwich meeting. Acquired by Norwich Castle Museum in 1952 (Acc. No. 212.952). Valued with VI.450 A

Physical Description

Of iron traces of tinning. Excavated condition and acid cleaned. One terminal is broken, one ring survives.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Overall Length A: 140 mm (5.5 in), Overall Length B: 150 mm (5.9 in), Neck Length: 75 mm (3.0 in), Rowel Diameter: 57 mm (2.3 in)

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Places Europe

Bibliographic References

Ancient masters in the Art Treasures Exhibition, London, 1857, p. 69.


After photography, by H. Ashley, the spurs were separeted from the mail and shirt during cleaning by the British Museum Laboratory.