Object Title

Spear head

Spear head



Object Number



Purchased from Erasmus and Company, invoice dated 11 February, registered 21 February 1992

Physical Description

Lozenge-shaped blade, with the angle biased towards the base, and of flattened lozenge section. Fairly long, tapering, uncleft socket filled with concretion.

Condition: In good excavated condition; some losses from profile of blade.


Dimensions: Overall length: 366 mm, length of socket (to narrowest point of neck): 125 mm, max. width of blade: 54 mm Weight: 0.37 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

At opening of socket, small white panel bearing dealer'sstock no: M1477.


Bibliographic References

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M.J. Swanton, 'The Spearheads of the Anglo-Saxon Settlements', Royal Archaeological Institute, 1973, Ch.5, esp. pp.74-83, figs 23, 25. A cursory glance suggests VII.3541 is of his type E2 (fig.25), except that all his illustrated examples have cleft sockets (this source should be examoned in more detail). Also, search for and cite comparable pieces in M. Ellehauge, 'The Spear traced through its post-Roman development...', Copenhagen 1948.