Object Title

Flintlock pistol

Flintlock pistol


about 1820

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Taken in 1857 from Rasool Bey by Col. W.G. Lennox of the Indian Army

Physical Description

Flat faced lock plate with crude foliage engraving on the tail and what appears to be a palm frond across the centre. The ring necked cock is also flat faced with a single line border. The frizzen spring is fitted with a roller. Dark wood stock with brass semi-military style mounts having some engraving. The side plate differs in being elaborately shaped and showing the remains of elaborate engraved decoration. The round barrel is fitted with a swivle ram rod and is covered with koftgari flowers and S scrolls for its entire length.


Dimensions: The overall length of the gun is 358 mm, the barrel being 230 mm long. Weight: The weight of the pistol is 0.95 kg.


The bore is 17 mm.

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Places England