Object Title

Flintlock pistol

Flintlock pistol


1700 - 1799

Object Number



From the Norton Hall Collection No 268.

Physical Description

Banana shaped flat lockplate with bevelled edges, the centre and tail chiselled with acanthus foliage in relief. Matching flat swan necked cock decorated with chiselled foliage. The frizzen has a grooved face and a square top, the front being rather crudely engraved indicating perhaps that it is a replacement.
The dark wood stock is cut with scrolling foliage in relief along the visible part of the forend. Most of the barrel and forend is sheathed in embossed and chased silver decorated with rather stiff foliage and flower shapes. Extending from the muzzle, the silver sheet is covered by three silver bands decoated by beading and applied plaited wires. There is a further band around the barrel and stock nearer the breech. Under the stock is a false ramrod of silver chased with a spiral line. The trigger guard and butt plate are of cast silver, decorated like the barrel bands, with further sheet silver covering the upper surface of the butt. Around the grip is a binding of twisted and plain silver wire.
The round barrel is inlaid with four square poncions stamped with fl eur de lis shapes, another oval inlay being blank. Near the breech is rubbed chiselling of acanthus whilst on the sighting rib, visible between the barrel bands, is worn engraving that might be a name in Cyrillic.


Dimensions: overall length 565 mm, length of barrel 390 mm Weight: 1.4 kg.


17 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Turkish silver mark on trigger guard.


Places Balkans