Object Title

Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)

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From the Norton Hall collection No. 332

Physical Description

The long barrel is of round section with a swamped muzzle. It is decorated overall with a trellised pattern and bands of floral decoration, with patterns of punching in the trellis. The stock is of light coloured red wood inlaid with ivory on the long slender butt and behind the breech, the inlay being decorated with ring and dot patterns in red and black. The side plates, breech strap and strips under the forend of copper gilt, finely punched with scrolling foliage. The serpentine is of brass and the trigger is pierced. barrel is held onto the stock by 19 bindings of hide.


Weight: The gun weighs 3.0 kg.



Guns with these straight long delicate stocks seem to be characteristic of those from Gwalior. See XXVIF.87 and Sandringham collection No.234