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Matchlock two-shot musket (toradar)

Matchlock two-shot musket (toradar)



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Purchased at auction from Sotheby's, 16 December 1980.

Physical Description

Pentagonal straight stock fitted with a plain bone cap above which is a section of simple scale carving. The remainder of the butt is carved with a roped design bordering the angles. Behind the breech the wood is decorated with bone lines separating rows of bone quatrefoils. long iron sideplates with elaborate foliate chiseling at the rear and leafed borders elsewhere. The gun is fitted with two in-line triggers,fretted with leaf shapes, that operate two serpentines, the forward one working in a slot between the two pans. There is a pricker tube and a swivle. The barrel is round throughout, held in place by six thread bindings. At the breech the barrle is chiseled with foliage and is marked with a later inscription done with a punch. The muzzle flares and is again chiseled with foliage. There is an iron ramrod.


Places India