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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Transferred from Woolwich Rotunda in 1979.

Physical Description

The stock appears to have been painted, showing flecks of bright red where chipped. Of pentagonal section, the stock is straight and rather longer than most Oudh guns. There is no butt-cap, the wood being incised around the end to simulate one. On either side of the breech are large plain plates of brass that extend considerably up the forend. The serpentine is missing. Around the barrel tang are plates of ivory or bone with a central concave strip of brass. A further brass strip arches over the breech, slotted for the backsight that is integral with the barrel. There are three bindings of wire around the barrel and a rear sling swivel. The octagonal barrel is entirely covered in the remains of silver koftgari decoration of crude flowers and leaves. The ramrod is missing.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 1225 mm, the overall length of the gun being 1725 mm. Weight: The gun weighs 3.65 kg.


15 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

The gun is stamped MA 2373 and has painted in white 17/13


Places India, Oudh


The stock is fabricated from several pieces joined by splices that were probably covered with the now missing barrel bands.