Object Title

Percussion sporting gun - By John Cox

Percussion sporting gun - By John Cox



Object Number



Purchased at auction from Chritie's, King Street, London. 7th April 1982 (sale no.2342), lot 140

Physical Description

A tubelock with silver furniture. It has an alternative barrel, one of circular section and smoothbored, the other of octagonal section and rifled


OverallHeight160 mm
OverallLength1292 mm
OverallWeight0.65 kg
OverallWidth70 mm
BarrelLength34.84 inches
BarrelLength885 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.77 in

Inscriptions and Marks

The silver is marked with Birmingham marks, a date letter for 1847-48, the standard mark, th maker's mark (SH) the duty mark and the birmingham Company mark


John Cox is recorded as working in Southampton between 1843 and 1859, the business being subsequently run by Mrs Ann Cox between 1864 and 1867.
The silversmith could possibly be Samual Harwood of Sheffield, who is recorded as being active around 1840.
This is a very late example of a tubelock weapon, which could have been built as a special commission.