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Quillons block

Quillons block



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Physical Description

Originally bright steel, comprising pair of quillons (one missing), sleeve and arms; decorated with studs.
Steel, originally bright but now heavily corroded. Comprises a quillon block/sleeve carying one quillon, from which springs one of the arms, beneath the remains of the lower portion of the knuckle guard, the two linked by a small bridge. On the opposite side is a short stump of the rear quillon and the second arm, both linked by a small bridge. The faces of the knuckle guard and quillons have convex ribbing whilst the two edges are decorated with closely set facetted steel studs. The inner and outer faces of the sleeve are set with facetted steel studs to create the outline of a hand-shaped panel with five digits, the spaces for which are filled with applied metal plates. What might be described as the palm is occupied by an applied convex sunburst in steel, surmounted at its centre by a larger steel stud.


Dimensions: length: 72.7 mm (2.86 in) (taken over forward quillon and rear arm) Weight: 35 g (1.2 oz)


Places Britain