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Portrait Of Sir George Howard, Master Of The Armouries, 1559-1578

Portrait Of Sir George Howard, Master Of The Armouries, 1559-1578



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Probably presented by Charles ffoulkes, or Miss Garratt, about 1918.

Physical Description

Watercolour copy of the portrait of Sir George Howard, Master of the Armouries 1559- about 1578, in armour, on horseback, painted as a frontispiece to the manuscript inventory of the arms and armour in his charge compiled to present to Queen Elizabeth I as a New Year's Gift, 1561. Entitled 'Ser George Howarde, Knight Master of the Qwenes Maiesties Armory Anno Dom. 1561.' A label on the back reads: 'Copied by Miss Dorothy Garratt of Oxford, June 26 1913, from the Inventory of 1561 in the possession of Lord Dartmouth.' The original is on loan to the Royal Armouries, AL 3, from the 7th Earl of Dartmouth.
Frame Dark wood, carved into a crude egg and dart moulding.
XXII.45 in the post-1916 inventory.


Dimensions: 12 in x 8 in (30.5 x 20 3 cm.): Framed: 19 in. x 15 in. (48.2 cm x 38.1 cm.).


Places England

Bibliographic References

C.J. ffoulkes, Inventory and survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, 1916: The frontispiece to this work is taken from I.442 and not from the original.


Miss Dorothy Garratt, MBE, married Charles ffoulkes as his second wife in 1942.