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From the collection of Dr R Williams, 1974. Reputedly from Rhodes, formerly in the collection of Alfred W Cox of Glendoig House, Tayside, sold Sotheby's 10 December 1943, formerly purchased, according to annotation in J G Mann's catalogue, from Fenton.

Physical Description

Formed of one large fluted plate covering the front of the horse's head with attached eye, nose, side and ear pieces.


Dimensions: height: 592 mm; width: 310 mm; depth: 145 mm Weight: 1.4 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

At either eye-piece, side piece and at the base of the main plate is a group of four punched dots.


Bibliographic References

G F Laking, A Record of European Armour and Arms, London, 1920-2: 188, fig. 998.


This shaffron is broadly related to the large group of shaffrons believed to be ordered by Henry VIII from Flanders, eg. VI.35. The Rhodes provenance seems doubtful. However, the welded repair inside the side plate is reminiscent of the work done on the ex-Dean pieces on the Museum of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell, all ex-Williams. Used as a pattern for replica shaffrons made by Peter Light for the interpreters at the Leeds Museum, 1997.