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With basal lugs. PointillÚ decoration - Tudor royal arms on one side (quarters transposed), other side illegible.


Places Italy

Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester, 'Two maces from Henry VIII's arsenal?', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 5, 2000, pp. 27-43, at p. 29 (mention).

D. Starkey, Henry VIII, a European court in England, London, National Maritime Museum, 1991: COMPLETE.


For other partizans bearing the Tudor royal arms and for references discussing the transposed quarters, see entry for VII.146, under Notes.
This was the one listed under cat. no. X.1 in the catalogue of the Henry VIII (held at Greenwich), D. Starkey, 'Henry VIII, a European court in England', London, National Maritime Museum, 1991, p. 136. However, a note by PJL in the RA library copy of the exhib. cat says the one actually lent was VII.1980. The one illustrated in the catalogue is VII.147.