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Rimfire breech-loading military carbine - Meriden Carbine

Rimfire breech-loading military carbine - Meriden Carbine



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From the R.C. Wright Collection, Ontario, Canada.

Physical Description

A flat sided breech mechanism joined by a large diameter steel pin to the trigger/hammer block. The breech opens for loading by rotating around its axis on the pin once a locking lever is released. The operating button for the lock is located behind and to the left of the hammer, and the retaining bar holding the breech closed is to the left of the hammer nose. Once unlocked, the entire breech and forend of the gun rotate 90 degrees to the right, to enable a cartridge to be inserted. A sprung loaded ejector assists removal of a fired cartridge. The triggerguard and trigger are of steel. The forend is half stocked and retained by a single band. The stock has a narrow neck and steel buttplate.There is a sling swivel fitted. The rear sight is a simple V notch/ladder combination, foresight is a German silver blade. the gun is covered by a brown patina with mottled pitting to the breech


BarrelLength559 mm
OverallLength965 mm


Serial Number 3176


.56 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Meriden mfg Co, Meriden,Connecticut. On the forward left breech is : Kentucky


Places America