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Found, Lanthorn Tower, 1988. Possibly acquired with XXVIA.106, Christie, Manson and Wood, 22 November 1965, from the Robert Koch collection.

Physical Description

Composed of a rectangular pad of red felt lined with blue cotton, and covered with a nework of leather straps. At the front is a bamboo staple attached by a leather thong running inside it. A long leather strap runs from a brass loop at the upper rear corner. It is broken and has been reaired, and its front end is attached to a loop of leather thongs at the upper front of the main pad. All the leather straps are set with small cowrie shells, with small corals set at intervals. At the centre of the leather straps on the pad is riveted a leather disc with a larger cowrie, cut in the form of a rosette. Above and below this is a piece of decorative leather work in the form of a sceptre, also set with cowries and corals.


Dimensions: pad 30.0 x 16.0 cm (12.0 x 6.3 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

A paper label at the rear inscribed 'Rock L-1942 H.A.A.' for a previous provenance.


Bibliographic References

H. R. Robinson, Oriental Armour, London, 1967, pl. XIIB, shown with XXVIA.106.