Object Title

Dagger (peshkabz)

Dagger (peshkabz)



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Acquired from the Glencorse Museum, Penicuick, Edinburgh, 5th November 1991. Transferred from Weedon TSD.

Physical Description

The blade is straight and single edged, narrowing to a point, and with a T-shaped back. The back has a medial rib, with incised wavy lines at either side. At the base of the blade, next to the hilt, is a band of brass cut like a row of human figures. The hilt is of eared form, with bone grips, each of two pieces and secured through the tang by four rivets. The section next to the blade, overlapping it at the back and extending round the tang, is of white brass incised with flowers and bands of cross hatching, and enameled very crudely and probably later, in yellow and red.

The scabbard is of wood covered with reddish leather and inlaid on the outer (left) side with fretted ornament with a backing of silver foil (much of which is missing), and brass circles.


BladeLength202 mm
OverallLength305 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

The blade is inscribed U99 in pointille, near the hilt at the left. The scabbard is marked 554 in white paint.



A paper label stuck to the scabbard is marked '554 dagger Weedon TSD gift'.