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25 pr field gun - Mk. II Field Gun

25 pr field gun - Mk. II Field Gun


dated 1943

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Purchased 20 November 2000.

Physical Description

The gun is a high velocity, comparatively long range, weapon using propellant charges of different weights so that the relatively flat trajectory obtained with the higher charges can be altered into one with a steep angle of descent. The gun consists of a body and breech mechanism. The body consists of a barrel, muzzle recoil brake, jacket and breech ring. The barrel fits inside the jacket. The muzzle recoil brake is screwed onto the muzzle and the jacket surrounds and supports the barrel. The breech-ring has interrupted screw threads to engage the threads on the jacket. The breech mechanism is of the vertical sliding block type, opened and closed by hand


Dimensions: Length 7.92 m, width 2.12 m, height 1.65 m Weight: 1800 kg


Serial Number 15497


87.6 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

'B/R NoL/15366' 'FL 2406' on right hand side of breech block 'FL4312 S 1-C 1943 RECUP/R 17936 FORGE 30057-3-4-4716 TESTED' on recoil system '15992 CFL 5647S1C44' on counterweight '25PRII H&W 1155' on top of breech block 'CCF 25PR S1C 1943 jACKET No L/11949' on barrel together with monogram of George VI 'CARR.25PR Mk 1/L/ BP LTD 1944 REG NO 15497' 'SADDLE 25PR NO.3 MK1' on carriage. Duke of Connaught's Own monogram on left side of shield.


Places Britain


25-pr Mark II on Mark I carriage was introduced on 29th February 1940. Conserved by Portsmouth Aviation 2002-2004.