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Centrefire pump-action magazine riot shotgun - Winchester Model 1897

Centrefire pump-action magazine riot shotgun - Winchester Model 1897



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Transferred via Amnesty 1968 from Northumberland Police. no.103. Received November 1971

Physical Description

Used in the murder of Sgt Andrew Barton and PC George Mussell of Blyth police station, at the Sun Inn by John Vickers Amos. Amos was the tenant innkeeper, and had been confronted by the owner and licence holder, who meant to have him replaced. Amos shot and killed the wife of the proposed new tenant as well as the two policemen. He attempted suicide before being arrested, and was hanged on July 22 1913. The incident occurred on April 15 that year. Note that Superintendent James Tough's account (reproduced in the inventory file) refers to Amos' weapon as a 'rifle'. The website policememorial.org.uk specifies a 'repeater shotgun' however (see file), and adds that the two policemen were posthumously awarded the King's Police Medal for Gallantry on 1 Jan 1914. Mussell died aged 30, Barton was 40. A photograph of the funeral procession is held by Northumberland Archives Service. An assemblage of memoribilia was put up for auction in 2009 (see file) consisting of truncheon, handcuffs, photos and documents including one apparently perforated by birdshot. A 90th Anniversary memorial service was attended by some relatives in April 2003. Information on this can be found on the BBC New website here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2791717.stm


BarrelLength508 mm
OverallLength991 mm


Serial Number C235686


12 bore


Bibliographic References

Dawson, J. & Allison, D. 2001. 'The Sun Inn Murders', Six Townships Community History Group. (See also May 2003 edition of 'Bedlingtonshire Revisited').


The label which accompanies this gun reads 'Used in the murder of two policemen at Bedlington in 1913'. See inventory file for printed historical info.