Object Title

Dagger (khanjar), scabbard and belt

Dagger (khanjar), scabbard and belt



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Acquired from Glencorse Museum, Glencose Barracks, Penicuick, Edinburgh, no. 570, 5th November 1991. From the collection of Colonel Kerr RHF.

Physical Description

The blade is short and double edged, with a medial ridge and an angular curve at the mid point. The hilt is of waisted form, in greenish horn with silver plates at the pommel and the guard covered in silver embossed with a floral band bordered with rows of raised pellets and an upper edge of fretted fleurons.

The scabbard is of wood covered with turquoise fabric, the fabric obscured at the front by decorative embroidery in silver wire. The chape and throat are of silver embossed with floral bands matching those on the guard. Across the centre runs a thick, leather attachment for the belt, with a silver ring sat either end topped by a silver wire spiral, and with two more rings at the centre retained by strands of twisted silver wire. The short section of belt at the left has a modern buckle, and a narrow silver band and boss at either end. The long end to the right has similar modern fittings, retaining a rough leather strap at the end. Both belt sections are covered in woven silver-covered thread with geometric patterns in black, and borders of reddish brown sewn on with purple thread. The canvas backing is covered in green cotton.


BladeLength176 mm
OverallLength307 mm
BeltLength880 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Punched WK at the rear of the guard, probably for the former owner, Col. Kerr, and painted 570 in several places.



For a closely comparable dagger, see A. Jacob, 'Les armes blanches du monde islamique', Paris, 1985, pp. 138-9.