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Matchlock musket (abu fitila)

Matchlock musket (abu fitila)



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Firearms Amnesty, 1988, Derby 8. Accession 15 January 1992.

Physical Description

The lock is a forward-acting serpentine with a simple sprung linkage to the trigger. The stock is of light wood, possibly oak, with a parallel sided butt and an expanded section behind the breech. It is overlaid with silver onion-headed straps and rosettes, three of which are missing at the right, and with silver sheet around the breech. Around the rear of the breech is a later iron strap, fitted at the left with a loose ring for suspension.

The barrel is of pattern welded steel, of rounded octagonal section. The muzzle is slightly swamped, and is decorated with lotus petals chiselled and inlaid in gold, and with a band of incised decoraton along the top of the barrel. There is a gilt, grooved block foresight. The breech is of round section, seperated by bands of mouldings from the rest of the barrel, and fitted at the rear with a onion-shaped pierced sight. The breech is crudely decorated on the top with a band of incised ornament, enclosing an inlaid gold trefoil. On the top of the barrel near the breech is a boat-shaped inlaid gold medallion surmounted by three punched dots. There are two broad barrel bands of embossed silver sheet with spirals of rope-work in silver wire, and three narrow barrel bands of plain silver near the muzzle. There is a simple ramrod of bamboo.

The butt was formerly fitted with a hideous excrescence of leather, removed in 1991.


Dimensions: overall length 1473 mm (57.0 in), barrel length 1171 mm (46.0 in) Weight: 3900 g


16 mm

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