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First registered on return from loan to Deal Castle (English Heritage, ref. no. 81000055) (Loan L10), 09/01/1992.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Spear point head of triangular section, with straight sides tapering to a sharpened tip. It is formed of steel in one piece, with a conical socket and langets.
The two langets are short rectangular metal strips with rounded ends, which extend from the rim of the socket, and are recessed so as to fit flush with the surface of the wooden haft. Each langet is secured by three screws which pass through the haft (two from one side and one from the other) and are riveted flush on the opposite side.
The wooden haft is of circular section. The butt end is reinforced with a fulcrum-shaped metal shoe with short langets, and with the butt of the haft protruding through the narrower end; it is secured by means of a screw passing through the langets and the haft and riveted flush at the opposite end.
Variations, losses, damage, etc: There is a scar from a display bracket about two thirds of the way up the haft.


Dimensions: Overall length: 2315 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On head:5On one langet, near top: 'N'.5On same langet, near base: broad arrow over 'WD'; crown over '9' over 'E; ''92'.On shoe: broad arrow over 'WD'; crown over '9' over 'E'.On haft:5By shoe, on one side: crown over '80' over 'E'.5By shoe, on other side: crown over '12' over 'M'; an illegible mark.


Places Britain


For British boarding pikes generally, see W. Gilkerson, 'Boarders Away', Lincoln, U.S.A., 1991, pp.58-9 (no ill.)