Object Title

Harquebusier's pot

Harquebusier's pot



Object Number



Probably Tower Arsenal

Physical Description

Of standard 'English' pot type with triple-bar face-guard attached to the movable peak pivoted at the sides. Both the peak and single piece neckguard, which has been emobossed with three simulated lames, have sunken borders. The associated cheek-pieces are shield-shaped.



HelmetDepth415 mm
HelmetHeight335 mm
HelmetWeight1760 g
HelmetWidth185 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Makers Marks
Recessed BK for London armourers Rafe Boulter and Silvester Keene when working in partnership.
On the peak
Stamped BK.


Known today as a ‘lobster pot’ due to resemblance of the tail or neck guard to a lobster’s tail, these helmets incorporate a triple-bar face-guard which was attached to the peak. Whilst widely considered characteristically English, numerous similar examples were produced on the Continent. Nonetheless, they do appear to have been particularly popular in England. On 26 June 1645 a contract was placed with Sylvester Keene for '200 backs brests and potts English at xxs p suite'. Potts datable to c.1642-1648 characteristically comprise a downward angled brim, deep bowl and flared tale-piece. By the late 1640s considerable numbers of harquebusier’s pots were being contracted out to London armourers by Parliament for a set price. To meet demand the design of the pot was simplified with a horizontal peak, shallow skull and narrower tail-piece.

Originally part of II.240