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First registred by Registrar's team whilst on Loan (L55) 11/12/1991 (RC/DS).

Physical Description

Large steel head with a medial ridge and conical socket. The socket is of a shorter length than the head, and is secured to an ash wood haft by langets of dissimilar length.
Each langet is pinned by offset screws, four on the one side and three on the other. The longer langet has two single-ended keyhole slots for the securing of a pennon.
The wooden haft is of circular section, and is reinforced by a long conical steel shoe. It is attached to the haft by means of a single short langet, fixed by a single screw. The shoe has a rounded point.
The haft is sleeved at the balance point by a leather sleeve.


Dimensions: Length of head: 273 mm, length of langet (outer): 530 mm, length of langet (inner): 437 mm, length of shoe: 195 mm, length overall: 2766 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Head marked: 'ENFIELD 1847'. Crown over broad arrow Crown over 'E' over '6'. No obvious marks on shoe.


Places Britain


Hole drilled through ash poles for afixing to wall
Returned from loan L55 (Hazelbrouck officers mess, Arborfield, Reading) 27/07/1992 AK