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Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Type 56-1

Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Type 56-1



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Presented by MOD via MAADIE from captured Iraqi weapons, the Gulf war 1991. 10th December 1991. See Iraqi file.

Physical Description

Gas operated weapon. The butt, which is cracked, and the fore-grip are of wood. The pistol-grip is of plastic. Hung beneath the receiver is a drum magazine, which would contain a coiled belt. Beneath the muzzle is a bipod. The whole weapon is in a distressed state


Dimensions: Overall length: 103.6 cm., Barrel length: 52.1 cm. Weight: About 7.1 kg.


Serial Number 290297


7.62 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on top of the reciever in an oval is the factory number '9646', the weapon designation, and the serial number


Places China


This weapon has been declared FFE (free from explosives) by the Army Ordnance Corps, 20th November 1991. For document see Iraqi file.
This weapon is a Chinese copy of the Soviet RPD light machine gun, in particular the RPD Model 3. Originally the RPD was designed by Degtyarev in 1943 and was manufactured in large numbers. Although no longer in service in Russia, it is in service in China and many Third World countries.

Rate of fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/minute.
Effective range: 800 meters.
Muzzle velocity: 700 m/s.