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Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Degtyarev Model 38/46

Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Degtyarev Model 38/46



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Presented by MOD via MAADIE from captured Iraqi weapons, the Gulf war 1991. 10th December 1991. See Iraqi file.

Physical Description

Gas operated automatic heavy machine gun. Painted black all over. On the right hand side, just in front of the lower back pintle mounting is a safety. This weapon is fitted with rear fore-finger triggers. Belt-fed from the left side. The gas piston is slung beneath the barrel


BarrelLength31.1 inches
BarrelLength790 mm
OverallLength1570 mm


Serial Number 311143


0.55 in

Inscriptions and Marks

On the rear of the reciever is stamped the factory number '216' within a triangle and the serial number


Places Russia


This weapon has been declared FFE (free from explosives) by the Army Ordnance Corps, 20th November 1991. For document see Iraqi file.
This weapon was originally designed by Degtyarev and was designated Dsh K-38. It was redesigned in 1946, with an alteration to the feed system and was redesignated Model 38/46. No longer in production.

Rate of fire: (cyclic) 575 rounds/minute.
Effective range: 2000 meters.
Muzzle velocity: 860 m/s.