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Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Goryunov SGMT

Centrefire automatic belt-fed machine gun - Goryunov SGMT



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Presented by MOD via MAADIE from captured Iraqi weapons, the Gulf war 1991. 10th December 1991. See Iraqi file.

Physical Description

Gas operated belt fed machine gun for tank use. This weapon is painted black all over. There is a carrying handle on the fluted mazzle, and some sort of gimble sleeve on the fore-part of the muzzle. At the rear the solenoid lead hangs loose


Dimensions: Overall length: 44.094 in (1120 mm), Barrel length: 28.307 in (719 mm), Weight: 13.6 kg.


Serial Number 270821


7.62 x 54 mm R

Inscriptions and Marks

On top of the reciever is cheveron containing 236


Places Russia


This weapon has been declared FFE (free from explosives) by the Army Ordnance Corps, 20th November 1991. For document see Iraqi file.
Designed by Peter Maximovitch Goryunov as a medium machine gun around 1943. Now obsolete in Soviet forces, which is why this one showed up in Iraq.

Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/minute.
Effective range: 1000 meters.
Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s.