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Centrefire self-loading magazine rifle - Type 56

Centrefire self-loading magazine rifle - Type 56



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Presented by MOD via MAADIE from captured Iraqi weapons, the Gulf war 1991. 10th December 1991. See Iraqi file

Physical Description

This gas operated selective fire weapon is furnished with wooden butt, pistol grip and fore-grip. Hung underneath the muzzle is an integeral folding spike bayonet. A green canvas sling is attached as is a magazine


BarrelLength414 mm
OverallLength896 mm


Serial Number 2604666


7.62 x 39 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

The markings 'L' and 'D' are used for automatic and single shot fire respectively


Places China

Bibliographic References

Swords, Daggers and bayonets; Bridgewater Books; 2008


This weapon has been declared FFE (free from explosives) by the Army Ordnance Corps, 20th November 1991. For document see Iraqi file.
This is a direct Chinese copy of the later models of the Soviet AK 47, with the addition of a spike bayonet on the later production Type 56's.

Rate of fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds a minute.
Effective range: 300 metres.
Muzzle velocity: 710 m/s.