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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1888

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military rifle - Mauser Model 1888



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Old Tower Collection .

Physical Description

Receiver is a one piece forging of the 'split-bridge' type. The bolt handle locks down in front of the bridge portion. A small pivoted bolt-stop lies on the rear left side of the receiver and pivots outward to release the bolt. The bolt is a slender forged tube with an integral handle terminating in a spherical grasping knob. The spring loaded striker slides inside the hollow bolt body, the cocking piece and the safety mechanism attaches to the striker extension. Standard Mauser type 'wing' safety mechanism on cocking piece. Trigger guard and magazine unit formed from a single machining. The magazine is of the clip loading type with a capacity of five rounds.
Straight one piece stock with reinforced butt toe. There is a single intermediate barrel band, retained by a leaf-spring and carrying the front sling swivel. The rear sling swivel is positioned on the underside of the butt, although there is an alternative anchor position in the front portion of the magazine.
The barrel has four grooves to the bore. The backsight is a combined block and leaf sight with a standing 'battle sight, a small leaf sight and a large leaf sight for longer range. The frontsight is of the open barleycorn type.
The serial number is found on the left of the receiver. The magazine baseplate and lower sling-swivel are missing


BarrelLength28.1 inches
BarrelLength715 mm
OverallLength1245 mm


Serial Number 9278K


7.92 mm Mauser (7.92x57 mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on bolt lever: 9278 Partial serial number stamped on cocking piece and safety catch: 78 Stamped on receiver: Crown over SPANDAU over 1892 and GEW 88



See J.Walter, 'The German Rifle', The Arms and ArmourPress, 1979