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Powder flask

Powder flask



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One of two PTVR flasks purchased on 26th November 1981. From Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Physical Description

The rigid leather body of the flask is of conventional pear-shaped outline, and is unremarkable except for a vertical rectangular slot cut in each side and equipped with a horn plaque window, in order that the quantity of powder in the flask might be easily seen. A small brass loop, with carrying ring attached, projects from each fase of the flask near the neck. The brass top and nozzle are of conventional form, the top being equipped in the usual way with a spring-operated shutter. The cylindrical nozzle is for a single fixed charge of powder, and is therefore marked only with an engraved Percy family crescent and with A over 24


Dimensions: Overall length: 112 mm (7.40 in) Weight: 4.5 oz


Places Britain


See XVIII 252 for a similar flask.
The archives of the PTVR at Alnwick Castle show that this flask was one issued. for use by the Alnwick company at some time after 1808 and before 1814.
For the PTVR see XIII 252