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Artillery ammunition - Wooden Sabot

Artillery ammunition - Wooden Sabot



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From Alnwick Castle, Northumberland. Part of a group PTVR items purchased on 18th October 1983.

Physical Description

These two sabots are of very similar size and shape, each being a cylindrical piece of wood flat at one end and concave at the other. One shallow flat-bottomed groove, and a deeper V-shaped one are cut around the periphery of each; the former to take a sheet iron band for the attachment of cross-straps to secure the round iron shot, the latter for the securing of a patch of obturating material. Both sabots are much holed by worm, and the skirt of each, below the V-shaped groove, is partly missing


Dimensions: Length: 1.7 in, Diameter: 2.40in


Places Britain


For shot with sabots attached see XX.127, 128 and 129. The archives of the PTV Corps in Alnwick Castle show that these sabots were bought from local craftsmen and attached to balls supplied by the Board of Ordnance using tin straps made by local principally Thomas Harrison, who in 1805-6 was paid for strapping 350 balls and in 1812-14 for strapping 371.
For the PTV artillery see XX.127.