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Artillery ammunition - Round Shot

Artillery ammunition - Round Shot



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From Alwick Castle, Northumberland. (See also XX.127 to 131.) Part of a group of PTVR items purchased on 18th October 1983.

Physical Description

These two rounds are of the same form, but are of slightly different diameters. Each is a cast iron round shot, attached to a cylindrical wooden sabot by two crossed thin sheet iron bands, those of XX.128 being approximately 0.35in across, those of XX.129 0.3in. The tips of these bands are soldered to a collar of similar metal which is retained by a shallow groove cut around the sabot. The soldered joint which fastens the band of XX.128 has parted. The sabot of XX.128 is well preserved, while that of XX.129 is missing part of the skirt beneath the groove for the attachment of the obturating material, and is generally quite badly worm-eaten.


SabotDiameter2.8 in
ShotDiameter3.25 in
OverallLength4.5 in


3.5 in


Places Britain


The archives of the PTV Corps in Alnwick Castle show that artillery shot was issued in the PTV by the Board of Ordnance; sabots or 'shot bottoms' as they were called, were bought from local craftsmen and attached to the shot by local tinmen (see XX.126).
For the PTV artillery see XX.127.