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Centrefire bolt-action magazine military carbine - Mauser Model KAR 1898-AZ

Centrefire bolt-action magazine military carbine - Mauser Model KAR 1898-AZ



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Old Tower Collection. Believed to have been captured during First World War.

Physical Description

One piece receiver of 'solid-bridge' type. Standard Mauser pattern dismantling catch lies on the rear left side of the receiver body. Bolt handle with half sphere knob turned down against a recess in the stock. The underside of the grasping knob is chequered to facilitate grip. The non-rotating extractor is missing from the bolt assembly. Internal magazine of five rounds capacity. Stocked in one piece. A wooden handguard runs from the receiver ring to the nosecap. The butt has an aperture in which to anchor a sling. The nosecap is of a hinged pattern that clamps the bayonet bar to the stock. Beneath the muzzle is a piling hook with a ball tip, instead of a cleaning rod. Barrel rifled with four grooves. Fitted with a leaf tangent backsight and barleycorn frontsight surrounded by 'eared' sight protectors. The foresight protector also mounts a small forward projection under which a muzzle protector locks. The serial number is found on the left of the receiver. The serial number is also found on the bolt arm, magazine plate, butt plate and the underside of butt.


BarrelLength590 mm


Serial Number 3813


8 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Receiver, stamped: Crown over ERFURT over 1915 and KAR 98


Bibliographic References

See J.Walter, The German Rifle, The Arms and Armour Press, 1979