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Commemorative Medal - By G. Bower

Commemorative Medal - By G. Bower



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Purchased 26th July 1991.

Physical Description

Silver medal with draped bust of the Earl of Shaftesbury facing right, ANTONIO COMITI DE SHAFTESBVRY; on reverse, view of the City of London from Southwark with the Tower in the distance and the sun bursting from behind a cloud, LAETAMUR (LET US REJOICE)/24 NOV 1681.


Dimensions: diameter 40mm


Places England

Bibliographic References

MI 583/259


Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, 1621-1682. Dryden's satirical poem 'The Medal' describes it thus - 'One side is fill'd with title and with face;/ And, lest the King should want a regal place,/ On the reverse a Tower the town surveys,/ O'er which our mounting sun his beams displays/ The word, pronounced aloud by Shrieval voice,/ LAETAMUR, which, in Polish, is rejoice' ... 'Five days he sat for every cast and look,/ Four more than God to finish Adam took'.