Object Title

Flintlock military pistol - Dragoon Pattern

Flintlock military pistol - Dragoon Pattern



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Old Tower stock. Returned from loan L105.

Physical Description

Lock 5.17 in, flat stepped at rear with safety bolt removed double border line engraved, crown/WR stamped in front of cock,small crown/arrow stamped below pan, ring neck flat cock border engraved, teardrop point to frizzen, forward curl to tip of frizzen, rainproof pan. Lock broken.
Stock complete, bruised, pattern brass furniture, brass forend cap, brass trigger guard with plain rounded front, brass butt cap, plain and rounded, no ears to cap, fixed with single steel screw, plain brass ramrod pipe, plain brass side plate with two steel fixing screws, one single barrel fixing key. Barrel 9 in, proof and view marks on left rear of barrel, number stamped on barrel (12) over pan,round tang with steel screw, captive ramrod, stirrup secured with a slotted screw


Dimensions: Overall length: 15ins, Barrel length: 9ins Weight: 1.3kgs


Serial Number None visible


.65 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Arrow/BO on right rear of stock, the number 44 stamped on left rear of stock, CD/70 engraved on bottom of trigger guard


Places Britain