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Percussion six-shot revolver - Banbury Transitional

Percussion six-shot revolver - Banbury Transitional



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Acquired from Glencorse Museum, Glencose Barracks, Penicuick, Edinburgh, via SUSM, Edinburgh castle. Due to MOD closing down the Museum. 5th November 1991. Previously believed to have been acquired from the Weedon collection. Glencorse museum No. 129.

Physical Description

Six shot revolver with a self cocking bar hammer. All metal parts are bright, with the lock, bar hammer, trigger guard, and back strap being decorated with engraved foliage. The finely chequered two piece stock is retained by a central screw; the left stock plate has been cracked at the top and a piece is missing. The octagonal barrel is retained on the arbour by a small screw. The muzzle carries a small amount of engraving and the the top flat is engraved HOLLAND BANBURY


BarrelLength125 mm
OverallLength279 mm


Serial Number None visible


.455 in (50 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

The cylinder and barrel are stamped with Birmingham proof marks



This weapon is probably one of the many cheap 'transitional' revolvers produced by the Birmingham gun trade and retailed by provincial gun dealers.
'William Holland' is recorded as working in Banbury, Oxfordshire, between 1841 and 1852.